We are Apexdia Ltd., a superabrasives company established in July, 2006.
While we appear to be a young company, we do have a fine heritage.
Our company evolved from the diamond tool division of Cheil Grinding Wheel Ind. Co., Ltd., a company that has manufactured and exported abrasives worldwide since 1955.
Recently we have done the movement to new constructed plant at the end of Feb. 2009 and all production equipments set up and now working well as get ready to be on your request.
With having our own new factory, we feel confident strongly that can expand the global market share gradually by supporting the customers with the service of the unique design, competitive prices & higher quality under upgraded production system, innovative technology and others.
- The competitive prices accomplishment with Increased capacity & cut-down cost by new automatical production system
- Upgraded quality with innovated technology & bonding system
- New products with differentiated unique design & performance
- Concentration into investment to R&D with new acknowledged technician joining
- Improved customer service with Spanish language available in our web site
With our export experience and up to date manufacturing equipment, backed up by technical and design innovation, we are able to offer high quality off the shelf items as well as custom build items to your specifications/needs.
We pride ourselves in offering "Solutions" to your cutting needs.
Our motto is "Maximize your price-performance ratio"
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