Ensure flange, spindle and the blade are clean and free from damage before mounting blade.
Diameter of the bore hole and spindle must be the same.
Ensure the blade is mounted on the correct diameter shaft with the arrow in the proper direction
   and blade flanges are secured with a wrench.
Do not exceed maximum operating speed recommended by the blade manufacturer.
Do not use the sides of the diamond blade for grinding.
Always work at right angles.
Avoid overheating and allow the diamond blade to cool.
   Do not make long, continuous cuts when using dry blades.
   Allow the diamond blade to cool by turning it freely in the air every few minutes.
Dry cut only with diamond blades especially designed for dry cutting.
Allow the blades to do the cutting. Do not force it.
Use the correct diamond blade specification and proper saw for the material to be cut.
Always wear proper safety equipment as glasses, protective clothing/hearing, safety footwear
   and respiratory equipment.
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